DIY all the buzz!

The greatest challenge you face is pressure to create DIY events that bring results.  Pressure from your board or peers and management wanting to move into this arena, creates a dilemma “How do I create a successful program?” Certainly the prospects are daunting,  but non-profits are quickly learning that this a task easier said than done.  Successful DIY events do not happen by chance, Ice bucket challenges are one in a million.  Time proves that as with your signature events, it takes planning, budget and staff to be successful.  Most of all it requires your time, time away from your proven income producing activities. Leading back to what do I do?

We have a simple but proven opportunity, that will dip your foot into the DIY arena.  It requires only a small time investment.  We manage the program and help you promote it.  It provides income and branding opportunities. Learn More

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