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Most organizations avoid offering an branded eStore on their website for various reasons. At the top of the list is the expense and return on investment. Also how do you administer and warehouse this store? As a non-profit how do you report the income? The list goes on and on. James Wesley offers a fast and simple solution. We provide complete eStore solutions that remove your organization from the hassles related to offering an eStore on your website. How? We do everything for you. You can be involved as much or as little as you desire, we’re flexible!

We simply provide the “A to Z” for your online eStore. We maintain the inventory, manage the fulfillment, collect the money and report the taxes, plus we provide you with great reporting and accounting. The income earned is sent to you as a donation–simple!  Most importantly we become a partner with you, depending on your needs, we donate most of the startup expenses reducing your costs.

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We offer several basic stores:
1) Donation eStore, you determine the income desired. This eStore can be customized to meet your desired branding standards plus desired income. Income can be set from 5% to 100% of every sale. eStores can be created for your DIY project, Social Media Events, Signature Events or Organization Brand. Your store can include just a few products or all your online offerings, from printed materials to branded merchandise or any variation desired. We become your warehouse and fulfillment center, handling all your online ordering needs. There are many features that can be added to your customized eStore, we will work together to maximize your eStore potential. We’re flexible and can tailor this store to fits your desire and needs.

2) Crowd-funded eStore, this eStore is designed for top fundraisers or teams with no upfront costs. These eStores designed as a success-based model, with all administrative expenses paid by funds raised in the eStore or can be paid by a Sponsor. This eStore runs on the IgniteCM™ system, a crowd-funding platform lighter than Blackbaud with a social media focus. It is very fast and very easy to implement, providing you the administrative control desired. Income is determined by the merchandise sold. Organizations like this model because of the branding control provided plus the opportunity for top teams/participants to increase their income at your fundraising event/DIY project.

You can view a simple live eStore at  CLICK HERE

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